Make More Money With The Everywhere Store

So – how much more money do you make with The Everywhere Store?

There are three scenarios:

  1. Traditionally published author
  2. Self-published author
  3. The Special Case

We’ll talk about the Special Case next week.  For now, let’s focus on self and traditionally published.

Let’s say you’re traditionally published by a Big Five publisher (e.g., Random House) and your ebook is priced at $9.99. For every ebook you sell through other retailers, the retailer takes 30% of the $9.99, leaving your publisher a “net” of $6.99.  The publisher then passes on (in almost all cases) 25% of that $6.99 to you the author.

Do the math: 25% of $6.99 is $1.75. So you typically get about $1.75 for every ebook you sell.

What happens when you sell with The Everywhere Store? Well, of course using The Everywhere Store doesn’t change your relationship with your publisher. What changes with The Everywhere Store is your cut of the retail portion. Instead of giving up 30% off the top, you – the author – get half of the retailer’s cut. That’s in addition to what your publisher pays you.

The Everywhere Store is an ebook retailer just like Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Google or Kobo. We have all the ebooks from all the publishers, so we are a retailer, just like them – but the difference is that we split the retailer’s net with you.

Let’s do the math: the retailer’s 30% of $9.99 is $2.99. We split that retail portion with you 50-50, after credit card fees.  So if we round the credit card fee to $0.50 per $9.99 title, that leaves $2.50 for us to split. That’s $1.25 for you.

So with The Everywhere Store you get to add $1.25 per ebook sale to the $1.75 you get from your publisher. That’s over 70% more cash in your pocket per ebook. Instead of $1.75 , you’re making $3.00 per sale.  That kind of cabbage adds up.

But wait, what if you are self-published?

That’s even better. We split it 80-20. Let’s do the math again.

Let’s say you are self-publishing your ebook. You price it at $9.99 on The Everywhere Store. Round the credit card fee to $0.50 again, and that leaves $9.50 to split.

Do the math: 80% of $9.50 is $7.60. The relevant comparison point is what you’d earn on, say, Kindle Direct Publishing, which maxes out at 70% of $9.99, or $6.99 per sale. With the Everywhere Store, self-published writers can make another $0.60 per sale, which is another 8.6% in your pocket per ebook sold.

Bonus notes:

  1. These percentages apply to any price over $0.99 – so you can sell your title for $0.99 or $1.49 or $9.99 or $13.99 or $25.99 or any other price over 99 cents and walk away with 80% of the retail price (after credit card fees) in your wallet.
  2. You get the customer’s email address.  (More on that soon.)

Next week: The Special Case

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  • Joe Novitski

    For a traditionally-published author, bringing an out-of-print book from years out of print, this argument, clearly presented, is appealing.