Ebook Bundling with The Everywhere Store

Ebooks are incredibly convenient; having a huge library with you wherever you go can be a lifesaver if you’re a commuter, or when you’re on a longer trip and want to take a bunch of books, or even just when you’re unexpectedly stuck in a long line with nothing to do.  But that convenience doesn’t totally replace the sensual pleasure of holding a physical book in your hands, and of having an object that reminds you of the experience of reading that book once you’re done.

The ideal solution would be to have both the print book AND the ebook – convenience and permanence at the same time.  Publishers have been seeking a way to provide that solution for quite a while; it’s called “bundling.”  But no one has really been able to offer it to readers.

Until now.  Bundling is something you can do through The Everywhere Store, and we’re launching it today.

For Cyber MondayThe Mountain Shadow Author’s Edition ebook is FREE with purchase of the Hardcover at our normal discounted price of $24.95.

The list price for the print edition is $32.50, and the price for the Author’s Edition ebook is $14.99, so that’s nearly a 50% discount.  And you get both the convenience of the ebook and the pleasure of print materiality at the click of one button.

When customers buy the ebook, they can download it immediately onto their Kindle, Apple, or Android device – or any other computer, phone, or tablet, for that matter.  Because we have a partnership with Ingram, customers will get the print title shipped to their home.

Bundle: Done!

Click here if you want to try our inaugural bundle for yourself.

BONUS: The Author’s Edition ebook includes photos of the author’s studio, amazingly detailed outlines of the novel; multiple drafts of the key 1st chapter, an epic Q & A with the author, and love poetry between characters in The Mountain Shadow – among other things. Gotta have it!