You can sell signed copies through The Everywhere Store

We’re always working on improving The Everywhere Store. Last week we made the widget faster – about 30% faster. Nice going, developers!

We’ve also been asked recently by several clients to make it possible for them to sell signed print copies of their books and handle fulfillment themselves. So now, in addition to making it possible for anyone to sell any book in any format, we can handle the sale of autographed print books as well, enabling writers to sell autographed editions, or rare editions, or sometimes something even more special….


…Like the book Chandler Burr has created.

blocks_image_4_1Chandler has been writing about perfume for years – as the first ever Scent Critic for the New York Times, author of The Emperor of Scent, and perhaps most importantly, as the curator of the groundbreaking show “The Art of Scent 1889-2012,” which debuted at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.

Chandler personally designed and commissioned an extraordinary catalogue, which is more than a book: it includes vials of a dozen of the world’s greatest scents.  He is using The Everywhere Store to sell signed collector’s editions of the catalog directly.

Chandler’s book is particularly special, but as with every feature of The Everywhere Store, anyone can use it to sell any book anywhere, and we’re looking forward to seeing other authors sell signed copies of their print books and more in the near future!

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