Convert social followers to customers by capturing email addresses — with The Everywhere Store

Plenty of writers have a big social following – but no way to convert their followers to customers. That’s because they don’t have the key thing needed to sell direct: email addresses.

The Everywhere Store solves that problem.

Take Myron Mixon, for instance – “the winningest man in barbecue.” He’s got a tv show, website, plenty of books and a healthy twitter following. But selling directly to his customers is still out of his reach – because he doesn’t have their email addresses.

Not any more. Mixon put up a short ebook – very short, just one T-Bone Steak recipe – and tweeted about it. Next thing you know, hundreds of his fans downloaded it. Over 99% of them opted in to get emails from him. So he did it again, this time featuring Smoked Spareribs.

Now he can sell direct. Problem solved!

Today he’s growing his list with his free content – and selling books with The Everywhere Store.  The winningest man in barbecue is building a smokin’ future for his business.

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