The Everywhere Store – Powered By Zola

So, diversity is an important principle for Zola.  But what does that really mean in practice? For starters, we are launching our new platform that empowers anyone anywhere to sell any book in any format: The Everywhere Store – Powered By Zola.


The Everywhere Store gives you two kinds of power: the power to sell books, and the power to have a direct relationship with your readers through email.  One is measured in dollars per sale, and the other is measured by the size of your mailing list. Put otherwise, it’s really the power of a retailer – embedded on your own site in an easy-to-install widget.

So The Everywhere Store widget enables you to make any book available from your site for sale in every format.  Because we have relationships with all the major publishers, and because we now carry digital audiobooks and physical books, that means pretty much any book you want to sell, we can help you sell.

We expect that authors will want to use The Everywhere Store widget to sell their own books (at the very least) and get the email addresses of their readers, which makes it a lot easier to keep their readers in the loop about important stuff − like when their next book is out.  (Some writers are already doing so!)  Bloggers can use The Everywhere Store widget to sell any book they talk about, making up to four times as much money from each sale as they would through affiliate links.  And Independent bookstores can finally make digital books (ebooks and audio) available on their sites without any work whatsoever.  Basically, anyone who wants to sell books can use it.

Making more money on each sale of each book is good already, but capturing email addresses is crucial for connecting with your audience – as these smart folks have shown to great effect:

Hugh Howey – Top self-publishing tips from self-published authors

Jane Friedman – 3 Numbers That Matter to Your Platform

We think that connecting with your audience is crucial.  Your readers – whether “you” are an author, blogger, publisher, bookseller, or media site – are your readers, so why hand them over to someone else?

We’ll be posting more about The Everywhere Store, including our business terms, partnerships with Ingram and Findaway, and more.

But for now we’ll keep it simple:  Any book, any format, any website.

The Everywhere Store

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The Necessity of Diversity


Don’t undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible.

 – Edwin Land, founder of Polaroid

Technology is a neutral thing: neither good nor bad, it can change the world for the worse or for the better – sometimes both, depending on the hands it’s in.

In a recent article I was reminded of how significant a role Polaroid played in bringing the technology of photography to everyone. I’m old enough to have had a Polaroid camera when I was a kid, and it was the coolest thing: aim, click, and watch a version of the world appear on a smeary piece of plastic. With Polaroid’s technological achievements, making images was no longer the domain of experts in darkrooms toiling with paper and chemicals. By undertaking the nearly impossible, Polaroid made the world better for many people.


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